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One to one home practice gives you the time you need to commit to a regular practice in a familiar space at a time that suits you. An hour to not have to think about anything. Just being guided by me through a yoga, Pilates, barre or meditation designed specifically for you. Private coaching gives you the practice you need, fine tuned to concentrate on correct posture and alignment, provides you with a better mental outlook, improves your confidence, makes you better at prioritising what's really important and leaves you with a feeling of better overall wellbeing.

Yoga / Pilates / Barre

This session will take place in your own home. Natalie will make contact with you before the first session to establish your goals and expectations.

Location dependent.

£30 per hour


The world is a busy place. Often we are bogged down with other things on our mind; analysing what happened during the day and planning what we have to do next. We are too busy handling thoughts and emotions to be able to function in our full capacity in the present moment. Meditation can give you back the quiet space you need to step out of a busy and chaotic world. This can give you back a feeling of control and autonomy over your life, can help you achieve greater happiness and can aid you in managing negatively charged situations.

Learn techniques to assist with meditation at home or use this session as your weekly dedicated time to meditate and relax.

Full Guided Meditation Session including techniques - £30 per hour

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